Hopefully you’ve had a look at the availability page on our independent Mumbai escort website and you’ve been tempted into making a booking with a specific independent companion, or maybe you’d like some advice about which escort will best suit you. 

Have a think about what time you’ll be ready for company. As we are a very busy escort agency, we only take bookings 1 – 2 hours in advance (depending on travel times). This is to ensure that availability for your booking is guaranteed and that your independent companion’s arrival time will be prompt.

The next step is to call us on +91-7045016364. At Secrets Escorts Mumbai we act as a 3rd party introduction service between you and any of the 80+ stunning independent companions who use our website to advertise their time and companionship. Once you’ve spoken to one of our Introduction Team we’ll get the independent companion of your choice to give you a personal call. This is your opportunity to discuss your requirements, for example if you would like her to adopt a particular style for a special event. If you like what you hear she will make a booking with you directly. 

Your independent companion will need full address details of the booking in advance, whether you’re at home or booking in a hotel. On her way to your booking, your escort may need to call you to update you on her ETA. She’ll also give you a call on arrival to let you know she’s just a few minutes away. If booking at home, your escort will come straight to your door. 

If you’re booking in a hotel, after 9pm we ask that you come down to the entrance of your hotel to meet your independent companion outside and escort her in. As hotels are increasingly security conscious and may refuse entry to non-paying guests, escorting the lady into the hotel ensures the discretion of both yourself and your guest.  


We don’t take advance bookings because we don’t want to put our independent companions or our clients under the pressure of time constraints. You would quite rightly feel disappointed if you were having a wonderful time and your companion had to leave to attend a prior arrangement. For this reason, we’d rather guarantee that the independent companion you book is fully focused on you and your time together. When you book via Secrets, once your independent companion arrives, her time is yours and you can request that she stay as long as you wish. With over 20 independent companions available and able to be at your door in less than an hour every night, you’ll always be spoilt for choice with Secrets!


Our escorts are all independent, self-employed companions who choose to be represented and promoted by our Mumbai-based advertising service. As such, this is a ‘second job’ for the majority of companions who have work or family commitments to attend to outside this profession, so in this respect becoming an independent companion offers the flexibility and lifestyle choice that our advertisers are looking for. At Secrets we understand that plans change and things crop up at the last minute for companions and clients alike, so for this reason we don’t ask our advertisers to commit to working set days or hours in advance and there is no ‘rota’ – being independent, our companions simply call us and make themselves available when they want to work.  


We strongly advise against emailing us to make booking enquiries. As availability changes by the minute, we are only able to give you an accurate picture of availability over the phone.  In addition, during busy times we make our very busy phones our priority, so we can’t guarantee that your email will be received and read in a timely manner. In a nutshell, calling us means that your enquiry will be dealt with immediately and availability is 100% accurate.



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